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How to import an sql dump into a database that is running in a container

First you get the volume that is attached to the container your database is running in.

docker inspect -f '' db-name | python -m json.tool

        "Type": "volume",
        "Name": "99b4bbceeb44156d1b8a800f1e1ba3bdd9d381bf46de383acccf92a6f813b7c7",
        "Source": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/99b4bbceeb44156d1b8a800f1e1ba3bdd9d381bf46de383acccf92a6f813b7c7/_data",
        "Destination": "/var/lib/postgresql/data",
        "Driver": "local",
        "Mode": "",
        "RW": true,
        "Propagation": ""

Afterwards you get the id of the container your db is running in

docker ps -aqf "name=^db-name$"

Now you can copy your dump.sql using this:

docker cp dump.sql <container-id>:/var/lib/postgresql/data


do it in one go using this:

docker cp dump.sql $(docker ps -aqf "name=^db-name$"):/var/lib/postgresql/data

Then use

docker-compose exec db-name bash

to get a bash console in you db container and exec

psql -U username db-name < var/lib/postgresql/data/dump.sql
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